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Title: Music Man’s Ladies Band

Creators: Tina McLain, Ron Lane & Julian Aguirre

Genre: Reality Television

Talent: Steve Denning, Jamie, Anita, T, Kellie, Joey and Ericka

Logline: A Math genius turned music teacher takes the challenge to turn 6 middle aged amateur female students into a Rock n’ Roll Band.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a Rock Star at least once in their life? Of being up on stage with the lights shining down as the audience goes crazy. What a high! A sensation like no other.

But you’re sitting in front of a computer 5 days a week, or ringing up sales in a retail store just making ends meet. Then you hear that hit song on the radio and think, “Hey, I could do that!” But then again, you’ve never even picked up a guitar or sat behind a piano or fooled around on a drum set. You’re about as far from the dream as it comes. That’s where Steve Denning, the Music Man, steps in.

Jamie, Anita, T, Kellie, Joey and Erika have all been working regular jobs all their lives. Jobs that are as far from the big stage as you can imagine. But each of these women have a dream and now they’ll get their chance to try and live it.

“I left math in the dust because my passion is music.” says Steve, “I’ve been teaching music now for years and I know dedication when I see it. These girls are ready to leave the 9 to 5 behind and you know why? Because they just wanna rock! It’s time to get this party started!”

Week after week we’ll watch these ladies being put to the test as their nerves frayed and relationships break down under the pressure of not only learning an instrument, but becoming a Rock Star, too. Menopause, migraines, and menstrual cycles will combine to set the sparks flying as these five women compete within themselves and against each other to form the Music Man’s Ladies Band.

Steve - Music Teacher


Steve Denning is 31 years old, originally from Corona, California. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from UC Irvine and went on to work as an educational therapist for the National Dyslexia Foundation’s McNichols Learning Center, until he decided to leave that world behind to pursue his true passion, music. Now he runs a successful music instructional business as well as being an accomplished studio musician in LA. At 19 he was on tour and played with Dee Dee Ramone’s band. He continues to play live gigs to this day. “I once taught calculus to an autistic kid whose only form of communication was whistling.” says Steve, “Something tells me I can handle these women.” “My colleagues are betting against me. They say I’m giving these women false hope.” adds Steve, “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t believe.”

Jamie - Guitar / Vocals


Jamie is the Diva. She’s center of attention and has got the look. At 48 this girl from Long Island belongs up on stage. She’s drop dead gorgeous, on her third marriage (Hey, I’m a hopeless romantic!, says Jamie) and has raised 3 children. “We don’t have pets because I want to be able to go whenever I wanna go.” confesses Jamie, “We did have a dog for a little while.” One thing Jamie is very passionate about is food. She loves to cook and says it’s one of those things that bring people together. Jamie has never played an instrument nor has she ever been on stage, but she’s decided that just maybe playing guitar is what she needs right now. “I think going out on the road would be awesome!” she exclaims, “I’m at a place in life where I’m ready for it. Hey, 40 is the new 20, right?” Her favorite band is Nickleback and her favorite performer is Tina Turner, which makes perfect sense.

Anita - Bass


Anita is the Princess who is married to her High School sweetheart but at 50 she admits it’s not as easy as it used to be. “Thank God for Botox, my hair dresser and nip / tuckers” says Anita, “And a little help from my friends?” Anita is a breast cancer survivor. 5 years of her life were consumed by the disease but she’s on the other side now and better for it. Born and raised in San Diego, she grew up loving Earth, Wind, & Fire and Kool & the Gang, but also listened to a lot of Ranchero Mexican music due to her Latin roots. “When my father died I really thought about learning an instrument, but too many things got in the way” Anita adds, “So I want to learn to play the Bass guitar now!” This will of course be contingent on her being able to keep her salon perfect nails from breaking!

T - Drums


T is 51 and is the Soul of the band. Raised on Punk and Ska, T ended up a disco dancer in the 80’s and was one of the original San Diego Charger Girls. But her talent for doing hair trumped her dancing skills landing a gig with the Salon in La Costa, CA whose clients ranged from Christine McVie to David Cassidy. She is the mother of 3 and has always been a go getter, but the music bug has always been there. Recently she decided to take up the drums, something that she’s wanted to do since being a teenager. Enter Steve Denning, drum teacher.

Kellie - Lead Vocalist


Kellie is the Natural. A 44 year old SoCal girl who grew up in Orange County, at an early age her teachers thought she was challenged or at least lazy because she was shy and underachieved. But they discovered she is dyslexic and after learning that she was able to put everything in perspective and move on. Music has always been a passion in her life. She’s always been drawn to singer song writers, especially Carol King, and when you hear her voice you’ll understand their profound influence. Divorced with 3 children she recently moved back to California and set up shop as an entrepreneur with a successful hair salon. But music still courses in her veins and with the encouragement of T got her an audition with the Music Man.

Joey - Guitar / Vocals


Joey is the elder stateswoman at 58. She confesses she’d been just plain bored with life until recently. “My doctor suggested medication” exclaims Joey, “So I decided that an electric guitar would be a better alternative.” Joey comes from a very musical family growing up in Rockford, Michigan. “My mom was a soprano and my father was a tenor. I grew up listening to my parents singing harmonies.” Now a grandmother, Joey says she’s ready for this new challenge. “Finding something like music has given my life more balance.” says Joey, “So now all I have to overcome is the hot flashes and memory loss!” She still hasn’t told her family what she’s up to. They think she’s taking night classes!

Ericka - Keyboardist


Ericka is the wildcard. At 39 she’s the youngest of the group and probably the most talented amongst them, but as a recovering alcoholic she also lives closer to the edge. A native Californian from Huntington Beach she’s not afraid of the big stage. “Growing up people always said they looked up to me.” says Ericka, “I’m on my second marriage and I’ve got some things to prove.” Ericka’s favorite concert was Michael Jackson at Dodger Stadium. She’s convinced learning to play the piano will give her the willpower to stay off the vodka. “I’ve done tons of plays since grade school and as a senior I was named best actress. I always knew I would be on TV, so this is no surprise. I just hope the other girls can keep up.” Are we talking Prima Donna here? Stay tuned for the fireworks.

Ep. 1: The Kick Off
Steve brings the band together for the first time. This proves to be eye opening when diverse personalities reveal a side of the band that Steve had not predicted.
Ep. 2: Earn Your Keep
Steve resolves Jamie’s whining by having her stand on a public street corner and sing for the money to pay for the band’s dinner.
Ep. 3: Voice Challenge
T discovers a co-worker, Kellie, with raw talent and passion for singing. Does Steve agree, and does the band have room for another Diva?
Ep. 4: The Djembe Circle
T and Jamie are called out by Steve to do a Djembe Circle session to cool them down after an argument over who is going to play the drums in the band.
Ep. 5: Mirror, Mirror
Anita and Steve bump heads after Anita shows up late to practice and then spends too much time in the bathroom making sure she looks good. The girls find out Steve has a temper!
Ep. 6: Backslide
The pressures of the band start to wear on Ericka and she begins to crack. Can the girls rally to keep her off the bottle?